Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend Whirlwind

Good morning!

It is a brand new day! The sun is shining and I am feeling great! We had a busy weekend, full of adventure and excitement! I wish I had got more done, but am thankful for the relaxation that I experienced.

Blind Cleaning Feat: (With some dumb mistakes ;-)
1.) Cleaned my desk off- THEN took down the dusty curtains and blinds right above the desk to wash them, making the desk a filthy mess again.
2.) Carried the blinds, fully extended, to the bathtub to wash- DUH, they were a little long and I got covered in dust in the process.
3.) Took the blinds outside to wash- WITH my socks on, which subsequently got soaked.
4.) Realized that A.) I had to dry the blinds by hand, B.) Hold them in the wind until they dried or C.) Design a way to hang them from the overhang on the back porch.
5.) Got my dad to hold the blinds while I went to get bungie cords.
6.) Came back to a wet dad.
7.) Attached the bungie cords to the blinds and overhang.
8.) Came back 10 minutes later to clean blinds!!!

I am SURE that there is more light coming through my blinds now that they are clean! My curtains are clean and smell fresh too! Now, for the rest of the room...

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