Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Puppy Love

It is happening. My house is full of the feeling of love- puppy love. Not towards any person... but true puppy love! We are going to look at Golden Retrievers tonight! We are so excited!!! It has been almost 7 months since our beloved Spaniel died.

Grief has passed and we want a puppy. Many hours have been spent talking about what it takes to raise a dog, what it costs and who will do what. The most exciting, giggle ptoducing topic has been a name for her. So far, these are the options:
- Brutus
- Fifi
- Pebbles
- Asante Sana
- Goldie
- Spike
- Chuckles
- Ask Her (yes, I am not kidding)

None of which excite any of us. Well, except the goofy, giggling people under 10 (and under 18!) who have thought of them. Personally, I have to see the dog before I would name it. Updates are sure to follow!

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