Thursday, March 24, 2005


Imagine. Today is a normal holiday for your people. You spend all day preparing a great feast that you will celebrate with friends and family. Except you are not with your family. You are with Jesus. You are sitting down to the feast of all feasts. The conversation is lively.

Everyone is talking about all that they have seen Him do the last three years:

Heal the sick. Do you remember that one time he spit in the mud and put it on the blind man's eyes? The man washed in the pool and could see! Do you remember the time ten lepers were healed and only one said thank you? Do you remember the little boy that was dead? He was dead and with a few words he was alive! Do you remember the centurion that came to Jesus wanting his servant to be healed? We were no where near the servant and Jesus healed him. It was even reported to us later that at the very time were talking to the man his servant was healed! There were countless other healings... bleeding woman, deaf, blind, mute, demon possessed... Do you remember???

Do the extraordinary. Do you remember the time Jesus fed thousands of people with that little boy's lunch? There had to be 5,000 men, not to mention all of their wives, the widows and the mobs of children! We all walked away full. Do you remember that time when Jesus walked on water? Sure, heal the sick, multiply the food, but whoever heard of walking on water, Jesus? Wait, do you remember when there was that huge storm? Jesus, You were asleep, man! We woke Him up and He told the storm to stop. Just like that, no more thunder, no more lightning, no more rain! Do you remember???

Silence the religious. Do you remember the times when those religious men would ask Jesus questions? Ha! He silenced them every time! They came to Him with their unrattainable rules and regulations. Jesus answered them with the fulfillment of the law- HImself! When we take over, then they will really have to be quiet! Do you remember???

Then you think, Wait, Jesus is getting up. He has been silent most of the conversation. What is He doing? No, it cannot be. He is bending down to wash John's feet! He cannot do this!!! This job is for the servant! What? He is saying that HE is our servant. He is moving closer to me. NO, I will not let Him wash my feet. Here is the one who has silenced the storms and raised the dead, now He wants to wash my feet???

The tears start to pour down your face as He slips off your sandals and touches your feet. He looks deep into your eyes. His eyes are sharp, focused and yet... troubled. His hands are gentle as He washes the dirt and filth off of your feet. Feet that have walked with Him for three years. Feet that have followed Him wherever He has gone. Feet, unknown to you, that will soon desert Him. He finishes, redresses and sits down.

Now He is speaking words you do not quite comprehend. You try to listen, but are confused. He says that we should do as He has just done, He is our servant, someone will betray Him, someone will deny Him, He has to die, Peter will deny Him?, He is leaving, He will come back, He is sending a Counselor and He must obey His Father.

Now He lifts the third cup- The Cup of Redemption. He is saying that it is His blood. Wait a minute, this is not in the Passover script! Your father and grandfather never said these words. Now He lifts the afikomen and says it is His body that was broken for us. He is the fulfillment of the law!!! He is the Messiah!

You are speechless. Never in your life have you heard someone speak with such authority and power over everything. For generations your people have been waiting for the Messiah. Here He sits. Flesh and blood before your eyes. You do not understand all He has said about dying and leaving. He is here for now.

Now Jesus stands to go. He heads to His beloved garden and you follow, silent.

Matthew 26 - Mark 14 - Luke 22 - John 13

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