Saturday, March 05, 2005

Long Day

Today was a long day. Maybe that is because I had a short night! I was up until 1:30AM last night sewing Victoria's Easter dress. It remains sleeveless... I was was too tired to tackle that fun job. The dress looks absolutely adorable on her. Then again, everything looks cute on a seven year old with long blonde hair and beautiful blues eyes! I awoke and dawdled a little. The rest of my day was spent cleaning. I cleaned the blinds in my room and my parent's room, washed my curtains, vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen and cleaned up me! It felt sooo good to get things done! I finished the day with a journey up north to a friend's house for small groups. We discussed everything from nursing to confessing sin. Wonderful time! Now, I am beat and ready for bed! And wondering why I cannot hit enter to seperate the paragraphs. Oh well, I will research that tomorrow! Goodnight!

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