Friday, March 11, 2005

Mr. Potato Head!

I took the "What Type of Homeschooler Are You? Quiz" this morning. Yes, it is true, I walked away with the title of "Mr. Potato Head". The description of me is as follows:

You have your ideal of how things should look, but you’re flexible enough to allow for change. You are not bothered by changing methods, mid-course if necessary. You use an eclectic combination of curriculum sources.

I think it describes my experience as a homeschooled child and my mom's approach to homeschooling. Since I have no children of my own yet, I will be interested to see if this is how I will still be in 10 years! I think it describes me well!!! I need to work a little more on the flexibility part. I tend to resist change. ;-) I DO like creative teaching tools and a variety of them!

So, I could not leave this post without teasing those that ask silly questions of homeschooling families. I love answering these questions: (and these are NOT the answers I give, but I think they are what people expect to hear!)

1.) Do you get to do school in your pajamas?- Sure! ::puzzled:: Don't YOU?

2.) Where do you make friends?- ::tears:: Friends? Homeschoolers don't have friends.

3.) How can you be "salt and light"?- I thought Jesus said to be hermits!

4.) Homeschooled children are sheltered.- I sit at home, starring at the wall most days, wondering what the world looks like outside.

5.) Homeschooled children are not socialized.- Mommy, I don't want to play with other kids or talk to adults, I would rather read the dictionary, Mommy!

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