About Joel

Joel is my wonderful, God-fearing, husband!

We met through his brother and my parents December of 2006 and it was not love at first sight!  Seriously!  Our love story is simple, but created and orchestrated by God Himself. 

We were married in April of 2009!

I love being his wife.  I love that his first desire is Jesus Christ.  I know that he is seeking the Lord and is leading our family with wisdom God is giving to him.

He loves old movies.  He introduced me to Chick-fil-A.  He is currently serving as an Assistant Pastor at our church.  He is the most generous person I know.  He reads to me while I nurse babies, changes poopie diapers when he is at home and prays with our boys every night before bed. 

I look forward to growing old with him and can honestly say I love him more today than I did yesterday.