Monday, March 14, 2005

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Aye, Laddies and Lasses!

Me had a great time at the St. Pat's Day Parade dis weekend! Me and me friends walked around the grounds talking to people about St. Patrick and handing out a tract with his history on it. Aye, we had so much fun!

So, how much do YOU know about St. Patrick? Who was he? What did he do to get a holiday named after him?

Reply to the following quiz in my comments. On Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, I will give you the answers and his history.

1.) St. Patricks Day, historically, includes which of the following:
- Green Beer
- Pirates
- Leprechauns
- Scotland
- Pots of Gold
- Rainbows
- Maewyn Susscat
- Pigs
- God of the Bible
- Ireland
- Dreams
- Shamrocks
- Salvin McDowell
- Roman Empire

2.) True or false:
St. Patrick was not officially endorsed as a "saint" by the Catholic Church.

3.) True or false:
St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates.

4.) True or false:
St. Patrick's real name is Salvin McDowell.

5.) True or false:
St. Patrick was known to pray over 100 times a day.

6.) True or false:
St. Patrick lived during the Roman Empire.

So, there are your questions!

(OH, dear, does this prove my Mr. Potato Headedness???)

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