Monday, March 07, 2005

10 Things I Bet YOU Have Never Done (or Seen)

1.) Served as a dental assistant in Romania, pulling teeth left and right, with roosters and pigs outside the window and a rooster walking into the dental office for a visit.

2.) Seen your baby brother, 21 years your junior, be born.

3.) Got a room of 50 people to hang spoons on their nose.

4.) Been drenched by a horrendous downpour at midnight in Austria while you are trying to "see" some tourist sights. (There were 8 other people with me...)

5.) Attained insurance licenses at the age of 18.

6.) Sat in a secret meeting watching your dad be forced to resign. (At the hand of the pastor and head deacon...)

7.) Babysat a 4 year old girl in the hospital while she received treatment for cancer.

8.) Had a personal tour of the United States Capital, seen all offices and been on the floor of the House of Representatives.

9.) Been apart of a crowd in 2 movies.

10.) Have a brother who will graduate highschool and at the same time be a junior in college. (Homeschool highfive! :::clap:::)

And a bonus one...
11.) Been told you look like Cindy Crawford by a homeless man you are giving a tract to.

Some of those are really lame. I have done some more things that I think are unique, but usually there are people doing it with me! Like eating boiled goat prepared by the Maasai tribe I visited in Africa or being yelled at for wearing capris in a monastery by a nun that looks 100 years old.

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