Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oranges, Carrots and Cheese

I have decided. I am addicted. What to, you might ask? Hi, my name is Jaclyn and I am addicted to oranges, carrots and cheese. There, it is off my chest. Phew, I feel much better!

There is not a day that goes by that I do not eat one, if not two... or three of these foods. I have consumed an orange already this morning. I am working on the carrots. In a few minutes I will attack the cheese.

Maybe it's the color.

Now, out of these three foods, I am teased mercilessly about my love for carrots. YET, I am not the only crazy one. At least I was not soooo addicted that I named my blog after them! ;-) Queen of Carrots is a fellow carrot fan!

What do you love about carrots, people ask. I love the flavor. I love the color. I love the texture. Did you know that you can tell what a carrot will taste like before you bite into it? If it is not as orange as others and a little stiff, then it will be bitter and taste like dirt. If it is softer and really orange, it will be sweet and have an awesome flavor!

I LOVE oranges. If oranges are somewhat soft to the touch and easy to peel, they will taste great. It is a sad day when the orange you are eating is bitter or has a great lack of oranginess (I doubt that is a word!).

Cheese makes almost anyting taste better. (Well, maybe except for oatmeal. There is nothing that will make oatmeal taste better!) I could eat cheese all day. Cheddar, Sharp, Pepper Jack, Motz, Swiss, American, etc. Cheese on casseroles, cheese in soup, cheese and crackers, cheese balls, cheese sauce and best of all- cheese PLAIN!

So there you have it. My addictions are out in the open. Do I want help? Nah...

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