Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bitter Sweet Surrender

song of surrender
by shane barnard

there is a wicked man in me
wanting the wicked man's disease
fleeting pleasures, but pleasure indeed
oh Lord, take my envy of these things
and the prideful war within
take me to the place of sweet surrender

You are, You were, You will always be better!
this is a song of surrender
for whom have i but You?
You are, You are better
forever so much better than the world

You are my portion (Lord you are...)
You are my portion (my reward...)
You are my portion
my never ending, overflowing Lord
my reward
my reward
my portion, Lord!

You are Lord...creator of created things
greatest personality
no ear has heard, no mind conceived
and though Your Spirit groans in me
and all creation sings of Your return
my feet are slipping, be my help

You are, You were, You will always be better!

(From Psalm 73)

Almighty God. Wonderful Counselor. Redeemer. Friend. Savior. Guide. Comforter. Creator. Provider. Faithful One. Purity. Goodness. Love Itself.
He will always be better.
Money. He will always be better.
Friends. He will always be better.
Family. He will always be better.
Food. He will always be better.
Better than good weather, nice houses, sucessful jobs, college degrees, good children, romanitic relationships, long life, safety, comfort, cleanliness, academics, sports, shoes, jewelry, cars, land, movies, music, travel, paper, plastic, terrorists, priests, saint, presidents...
...whatever you name (besides Him) He will always be better.
How long will it take for that simple fact to resonate through all that I am? Why do I trade Him for so much less? Why do I grasp at all that humanity has to offer as if it will satisfy?
It won't. It can't. It shouldn't.
The greatest tragedy of all times is a person who has seen the mercy and grace of God then seeks after temorary pleasures. This person takes God's salvation as a gift and shoves it in the closet of life to be used when needed.
God is not an addition to my life. He IS life. He is not just another relationship to use and abuse- He IS the ultimate relationship. God is not a hobby. He is not apart of my collection. He IS everything.
Because He will always be better. Better...


Galant said...

Hi! :) I left a comment on the blog before this. :)

Jaclyn said...

I replied :)

Galant said...

Oh and as to this post - good one :)

Sometimes you need a reminder, because sometimes, though He's better, all you see is the hard.

Oh to give Him everything, to sign up for His service, and to live life under His name.

Spanish Morning said...

Me thinks Shane & Shane is becoming more popular. Heard it on the radio the other day. Didn't we introduce you to them while you were here? Or is that just me?

Jaclyn said...

Oh, Dawn, my dear, I hve been a Shane and Shane fan for several years now. Matt and I were talking about him because he was playing their CD "Clear" while I was there. I love S&S's honesty in their lyrics and the way that they desire to glorify God. They see Him as better and it is reflected in all their songs!

Sorry we did not get a chance to chat today... I had something important to tell you! Love ya!