Monday, July 24, 2006

Motherhood Training 101

I desire someday to, Lord willing, be the mother of a houseful of children. Therefore, I am always looking for opportunities to learn more about the care, responsibility and discipline of raising Godly men and women. Being the oldest of five children I get many hands-on experience with children that I know will greatly benefit me when I am a mother. (People wonder why I did not go away to college... and this is one reason!)

Yesterday Ben and I met our family at a park where they were having a picnic with some people from their church. After we ate the discussion turned to a serious conversation. It was important for my parents to listen to what the people were saying, so when Samuel walked into the gazebo looking distraught I knew I could help them by tending to his needs.

I motioned to Sam and whispered, "What do you need, sweetie?"

He earnestly replied, "I went gross in my pants."

We are in the midst of potty training him so sometimes when he says this he means he NEEDS to go and other times it really means he HAS gone already. So I checked his pants and found that, indeed, he had ALREADY gone "gross" in his pants. It was not solid, but diarrhea. (We have been eating a lot of grapes and cherries, so what can I say? :-P Sorry to be so descriptive!)

I was presented with three problems: First, he was in a training diaper and so his legs would be covered if I tried to pull the pants down, cleaning him up from there. Second, did we have a diaper bag with us? Third, there was only a portable restroom available to me.

The diaper bag WAS in the car, the first success! I laid Samuel out on the grass and pulled his pants down. Now, how to get the diaper off without making a ROYAL mess of him (and me, for that matter!) Wait, these training diapers are supposed to tear away for JUST these occassions, aren't they? I grabbed the side of the diaper and pulled. It would not tear. I tried closer to the front. I tried further back. No luck.

If only I had some scissors then I could just cut them away! I do have fingernail clippers, though... so I told Samuel to stay put and I ran to the car for my purse. I got them and went back to Sam, who was waiting patiently for me. He is such a good boy! I started clipping away at the sides of the diaper so that it would pull down like a regular one.

I dug in the diaper bags for the wipes, hoping that there WERE some in there. There were, but they were dry to the bone. Telling Sam to stay put I rushed to the picnic table to get my water bottle. I cleaned him up and fitted him with a new diaper.

The job was complete.


Trin said...

The job was complete

Yay! :D

Shannon said...

Good job Jaclyn!
Those kinds of events aways make me laugh AFTER wards.=)

Ann Marie said...

sounds like a kodak moment.... or maybe not so much :) Oooh, the things I missed out on being an only child...

Autumn said...

will you be MY daughter??? :)

that was so thoughtful of you to help your parents out!

Jaclyn said...

You want to prepare to be a husband? Maybe work in your church nursery... :-P Then you can post poems about diaper changing! Hahahah....

I am sure you could tell a few of these yourself! :-D

Ann Marie,
I share these stories so that people can 1- relate 2- learn and 3- laugh!

You have a daughter... and in 10 years and maybe 4 MORE siblings she will be telling these stories too! Hahaha!

Spanish Morning said...

LOL to your response to Autumn's. She;s TRYING to stane off baby fever for now. ;-)

Galant said...

Mmm, lovely. Kudos on the ingenuity. I have to say that I have not yet ever handled a diaper - or 'nappy' as we call them. That's one challenge I have yet to meet. Oh wait, I did dispose of one once after a friend of mine had changed her baby. Basketball skills put to use!

Not really, there's no way I'd risk throwing that anywhere. :)

Oh and to let you know, I replied to the singleness comments a few blogs down.

Katie said...
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Jaclyn said...

I would be honored as well. I will email you a brief email right now. :-)

Jaclyn said...

Katie... I deleted your comment to protect your email address :-)

Spanish Morning said...

I love your honesty, Galant. I have responded to your response about singleness. :-)