Monday, July 10, 2006

The Girls
I know that the post about the interview was very long so I thought that I would post some pictures for those who won't read the interview! I will post more pictures from Chicago when I get the time! These three pictures are from the airplane journey on the way to Chicago.

The BoysGrandma, me and Victoria


Jaclyn said...

I look orange in this picture... probably because I eat so many carrots, oranges and cheddar cheese. Hahaha... I never realized, either how much I look like my grandma. So, maybe I know what I will look like when I am 72!

Trin said...

Well if yellow food makes your teeth yellow, then perhaps it makes sense that orange food makes your skin orange; or maybe it's just that strange airplane lighting.

Really this was just an excuse to link to a CYS comic :D.

Spanish Morning said...

Ha ha! My first thought was "Any darker and she'd pass for black!" :-P I bet it's the lighting that makes it orange, but you are dark for sure!

I think your grandmother looks great for 72! Yeah for you!