Monday, July 31, 2006

Jaclyn's Heart Right Now

Do you ever have times when you feel like crying, laughing, singing and screaming all at the same time? Do you ever feel that God has made Himself so obvious to you and all of your emotions clash in one big bang? If not, then I stand alone. My guess is, though, that you know exactly what I am talking about. If I may, I am going to lay aside all attempts at a formatted, grammatically perfect or sensational post. I am going to talk to you from my heart.

I am in love.

Do you realize that I have a personal relationship with the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE?

If you did not get chills, then may I say it this way...

YOU can have a relationship with the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE.

Chills yet?

God loves me. Stop. This about that: God loves me. GOD loves me. God LOVES me. God loves ME!


Ann Marie said...

Your heart is beautiful. Your perspective and attitude is so encouraging. You are not alone. I stand amazed as well in the fact that GOD loves you. God LOVES you. God loves YOU.. all at the same time that GOD love me. God LOVES me. God loves ME. What a miracle to serve a God who has an undivided heart of love, but yet is incapable of loving one of us less than the other. Yes, I feel the chills, too.
I'm thankful to know that you are growing ever closer to His heart through all the interesting times of life...I am also thankful that He has chosen to use you in my life to remind me of His love as He pulls me ever closer to His heart as well. I love you, dear friend!

Jaclyn said...

When I saw that someone had left a comment, I thought to myself, "Ann Marie." I was right!

Through everything that has happened this week I can honestly say my heart has not wavered. I have not felt twinges of worry or fear. God is the same. He is trustworthy. And He loves me. Even as I type that, my heart skips a beat and tears come to my eyes. What mercy! What grace!

I am so thankful for your friendship. YOU are an encouragement to me... and I am honored to be so for you. I love that through our seperate trials the past 6 months we have lifted God higher and glorified Him. What an amazing thing to share life with others, learn from them and become more like Jesus in the process. THAT is the best definition for friendship I can find!

I love you!