Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Windy City

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Last week Ben was gone, we had summer missionaries staying at our home, the church had a sports camp every day and we had something to do every night.

Yesterday mom, dad, Tim, Tori and Sam went to family camp with their church. They will get home on Saturday. Today after work Ben and I will head to Fort Collins to do some work at our church. Ben needs to put some office time in and I am going to organize/clean. We will come home tomorrow night.

On Saturday my aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma and all seven of us are flying out to spend the weekend with another aunt in Chicago. Ben and I will be gone until the 5th, the rest of the clan comes home the 8th. I will pick them up at the airport, take them home and then go to the wedding of a dear friend, Rachel, in Colorado Springs.

When I look out at weeks like this I want to cry and laugh. Laugh because I am excited to go and do everything that I have planned. Cry because I know that I will be so tired, sleep less and spend less "quality" time in God's Word. Ah, the joys of life and learning how to balance them all!


Annie Marie said...

I'm so excited for you (and the fact that we get Ginger :), although I'm quite sad not to be able to go to dear Rachel's wedding.) I will be praying for all your activities this week--you sure know how to pack 'em in the agenda! May God expand your precious time with Him and even give you extra speical surprises and glimspes of Himself as you fly through the schedule! Love you muchly!

Castaway said...

Here's an idea to stay "in the Word." Write verses out on note cards and stick them in your pocket / purse / clutch / handbag and then you can pull them out whenever you need to ... like a quick snack :).

Galant said...

Hello Jaclyn! Well it's been a long while but I finally have your questions. I know you said to just post them but I'd like to give you a chance to look them over but they're thrown out there. Seeing as you want to avoid the impropriety of emailing me yourself, may I propose two options: Either we connect via some messaging system which isn't related to your email account and I can give them to you there, or, you could create a new account on one of the free email sites for this purpose and once we're done you can get rid of it. How does that sound?

Let me know.

God bless! :)

Ann Marie said...

I think we had as much fun on your vacation as you did ;)
I hope you get a good nap this afternoon!

Jaclyn said...

I truly am sorry to be so rigid on something that may not be that big of a deal. Thank you for understanding and for presenting several options for me.

Although I did not ask him (he is out of town), I think overall, my dad would prefer that I just get the questions through blogging. From what I read I know you are a man of integrity and character, therefore I am not questioning your inentions at all, so please do not take this personally. :o)

I am looking forward to reading your questions and doing my best to answer them!

Which just gave me an idea... if you post the questions here on my blog (as a comment) I can copy them and delete the comment while I am reviewing them. What about that?

Either way I hope you understand!
Grace and peace!

Jaclyn said...

Ann Marie...
It was so good to see you this morning!! I wish we had a couple hours to sit and talk. Soon, soon, I hope! Thanks so much for watching the puppy dog for me.

I am house sitting at the mansion the end of July and will have to have you over one night, ok?

Love you, girl!

Jaclyn said...

Wow, a comment on my blog, I am honored! I have used many trees writing verses on index cards. I love the new memorizing method- I have all of Ephesians one on an idex card!

Happy Anniversary to you and dear Dawn as well! I cannot believe it has been two years!


Galant said...
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Jaclyn said...

Thank you for understanding and honoring my desire to have the questions posted here. I do not think any of the questions are inappropriate. I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion, although much thought will be taken in my reply.

The questions are good, deep and ones that will be fun to answer- because they all reflect a part of who I am. I specifically like questions one and four. Question one because it has an interesting twist to it! Question four because I have a desire to bring intense purity and integrity back into how Christian men and women (both single and married) interact.

So, Galant, I accept the challenge of these questions... do not be surprised, though, if it takes me as long to reply as it took you to create!


Galant said...

Okay, well if you want to pull them from here I'll poste them on my own blog, and then wait for your own blog response.

God bless.

Jaclyn said...

I'll do that... I am working on them right now :)

Galant said...

Well for question one I was thinking of somewhere that you have never been. The whole point being you were pulled entirely from your world, from everything you're used to or familiar with.

Initially I thought of putting myself in there with you, and asking who I might learn you to be were I with you in that scenario. I thought it might be more appropriate though to word it as I did.

Galant said...


Jaclyn said...

What are the ?? marks for? I am working on the questions as much as I can! It took you a couple weeks to get them to me, so I thought I had a LEAST that long to reply! :-P Not to mention that my reply to question number four is a page long in a Word doc.

I will post them as soon as I am done... Hope you are having a great weekend!

Galant said...

Didn't mean to pressure you, just wondered if my reply was sufficient to answer your question for number one.

Probably I should have said that.

Ah the world of digital, written communication. Surely those two question marks were able to communicate all of my intended meaning because I knew what I was thinking. :/ Sorry.

Not a bad weekend. I had a birthday on Saturday.

Jaclyn said...

I was teasing about the question marks. I guess teasing does not come across very well in written form! No pressure was taken and your reply was enough for me to answer question one. I still had a hard time answering it for some reason, but I think that was my problem and not the author's! I am almost done with them and hope to post them here tomorrow!

Happy Birthday!!!! Did you do anything special to celebrate? My birthday is next month and I am hoping to venture to a place in the mountains called Hanging Lake. I cannot wait!

Hope you have a great day!