Thursday, July 13, 2006

TV Women, Wives and Mothers

Dawn has this quiz on her blog: Which TV Mom are You? So, as always, I thought I would give it a try. I am always up for a new quiz- especially when that quiz is going to tell me what I am going to be like when I grow up. Based on my personality, I think it is quite accurate:

June Cleaver
from Leave It to Beaver

You're a mom with a capital "M" -- and you dig it! Meeting your kids' needs is your number-one priority. You prefer the tried-and-true, old-fashioned parenting style that worked with you: Shower 'em with love! Trends don't concern you -- your mommy uniform is whatever's comfy. Sure, you try to keep up with what the crazy kids are doing these days -- but when a teenager says "Eminem" you think "Peanut or plain?" The Bottom Line: Your parenting style is based on nurturing, family togetherness, apple pie -- and lots of hugs.

EVERY single quiz I take seems to include the words: old-fashioned, traditional or family. Guess what? That's me! Now why do I take quizzes to tell me what I already know? :-P


Spanish Morning said...

Ha ha ha! It is SO you, Jaclyn! Did you pick roses or carnations? I picked the exotic orchids, of course. ;-)

Jaclyn said...

I picked roses, my dear. :-P I thought you probably picked the orchids... hahaha!