Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today is the day!!!

Excited. Ready. Excited. Anxious. Excited. Pondering. Excited.

That is how I am feeling right now about the mission adventure to Cheyenne. Everything is falling into place. 4 hours left until departure.

Once we arrive in Cheyenne we will set up sleeping arrangements at my grandparent's home, have dinner and then go see the town. We will show the team where we will be for the pancake breakfast, parade and rodeo. While seeing the locations of ministry we will prayer walk.

Tomorrow will be full! We will awake early for the pancake breakfast served by the Cheyenne Boy Scouts to over 5,000 people each morning! We will eat and then begin our witnessing! Tomorrow afternoon we will do video evangelism and practice our clowning.

Saturday we clothe ourselves in clowning costumes and head to the parade! People usually arrive at the parade route an hour before it starts. They save seats on the street. They are a captive audience! So, we go into the middle of the street and share Jesus! I get nervous about being told that we cannot do it in the street... it is the best location! We will do more video evangelism in the afternoon and finish our night with the rodeo!

Please pray for:
* Safe travels
* Health
* Unity
* Boldness
* Openness for clowning in the street!
* Our team to grow in our faith

Thank you all for your support and prayers! I look forward to telling you what God has done through us and with us! May His name be praised and Jesus glorified!

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