Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Safe Landing

My own bed felt so soft last night after sleeping in strange, hard beds for a week.

It is good to be home.

The president's look the same as they did the last time I saw them... Except I think the mountain has shrunk the last 14 years. Maybe I grew. Then again, the longer we were there they seemed to grow! The whole structure is fascinating and incredible!

Crazy Horse will be enormous! Mount Rushmore in its entirety will fit in the side of Carzy Horse's face and hair. Crazy Horse will be crazily large. The plans for the completed Crazy Horse are almost unbelievable. I cannot wait to see the progress in my lifetime. I seriously doubt the whole carving will be done in my lifetime...

Lastly, we traveled to Devil's Tower in Northern Wyoming. Utterly amazing, incredible, beautiful, unique and God-glorifying!!! I hate calling it Devil's Tower. I am going to sound like Anne Shirley now... it should be called "The Tower of God's Majesty". If EVER any of you have the opportunity to see it in person- DO!

After seeing so much of God's creation this week, I stand and say, "Praise Him!"

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