Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lessons from Johnny Depp

PLEASE, whatever you do, do not take the title of this post too seriously. I was not really thinking of what Johnny Depp as a person has taught me, no, but what his character, James Barrie in Finding Neverland "taught" me. I love this movie. I saw it for the first time only two weeks ago. I enjoyed it so much that I bought it. Truly, any spiritual wisdom comes from Christ, but He used this movie to remind me of my weaknesses and where I need to grow. As strange as that sounds- it is true!

As someone who has been known to be quite serious when the rest of the world is having fun, this movie reminded me to dream and imagine. There is beauty and adventure in life through Christ. Every tree, flower, apple, animal and river can be turned into a magnificent arena to praise God. There is a point when imagination can go too far, but as long as the imagination gives God praise and exalts Him above all else- dream away.

Peter, the ultra serious of the four boys, has a hard time using his imagination. He sees everything as concrete. At one point he declares (paraphrased), "That is not a bear it is just a dog." James Barrie (Johnny Depp) responds by declaring, "What a hope-dashing word. That is like saying, 'He cannot climb that mountain, he is just a man' or 'That is not a diamond, it is just a rock.' Just. Just."

So, Jaclyn, relax. Learn from Johnny Depp- Dream. Imagine. Have fun...

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