Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unbelievably Exhausted

Like this poor pup in the picture... I am so tired I could giggle, laugh, scream and cry all at the same time. My mind is stretched to the limit, my heart is emotionally weary and my body is dying for six straight hours of sleep. No time to nap today, either. I feel like I just stepped off a trans-Atlantic ten hour flight. Why am I feeling all of this, you wonder?

For starters, last week was busy. Then, Thursday, Friday and Saturday my parents and I attended the Colorado Home Educators Conference. All day for three days. I was able to sit under wonderful teaching from R.C. Sproul Jr. and Doug Phillips.

Saturday night we went to a graduation party and did not get home until 10PM. Ben and I were up and out of the house at 7AM on Sunday on our way to Ft. Collins. We took my dad out to lunch for Father's Day and as soon as we arrived home our house guests arrived. Maxi and Olivia are summer missionaries to Colorado through NAMB. They are working at my dad's church for two months and are staying at our house this week.

Today I am taking them to the moutains to meet up with a larger group. We are going to hike around the state park, eat dinner and arrive home... extremely exhausted... I am sure.

Ahh, the joys of being young, adventuresome, a night owl and a pastor's daughter- all rolled into one person- can make for an interesting life!

Posts to come:
- The Obese Bride
- What is Education?
- A Fool's Textbook and Your Children
- Pleasure Reading for Geeks


Autumn said...

the Christian Home Educators of Ohio convention is this week in Columbus. I decided not to go but to use the registration money toward purchasing curriculum for Erik. I can't wait to read your posts regarding education. :)

Annie Marie said...

Ahhh what a lovely spread of events :) I'm so happy we were able to catch up a little bit yesterday! How was estes? :) I think we're going to the scandanavian festival there on sat... we shall see. I love you! and I'm looking forward to those marvelous-sounding posts!!!!

Jaclyn said...

I am excited to get these posts done... they might be long, so be prepared! I learned so much at this conference and was reminded why I was home discipled and why I want to disciple my children at home. You see... everyone is a disciple of someone. Personally, I am not willing to sacrifice the honor of discipling my children to a school teacher who does not share my passion for Christ. Private Christian schools, I think... might be worse than public schools. I MAY get into that in a post... Oh, I jst want to raise children that are in love with Jesus and have a heart for serving Him. I do not want "good Christian children." I want children who are warriors that I have prepared to wage war against the god of the age...

Ok, gotta get off the soap box and let the posts do the talking. :-P

Aut, educating your children at home will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Take it from an adult who was home educated all the way- your children will be ever so grateful and will have many occassions to arise and bless you!

Jim Bob Howard said...


I know this is going to come across as a shameless plug, and perhaps it is... But, would you be interested in posting your homeschooling-related articles to my YahooGroup: ExCHANGE-Board?

Here's a short blurb I just posted to my blog:

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Anyhow... I'm looking to really make this group help homeschoolers around the country get some good content from today's in-the-trenches Christian home education experts.

Jim Bob

PS: I'm glad you were edified by the teaching of R.C. and Doug. Would you mind dropping a line to the Highlands Study Center to that effect? We love to get feedback from R.C.'s speaking engagements.

Stephanie said...

Hi Jaclyn. Glad to hear things went well for you at the CHEC conference. That's something I really wanted to attend but my husband wouldn't go for it because of R.C. Sproul Jr's defrocking and the fact that CHEC decided to have a defrocked minister speak. He was really disappointed after contacting CHEC about it and the kind of excuses they were using. Did anyone say anything or did R.C. answer any questions about it at the conference?

Jaclyn said...

I am not sure what you mean by defrocking. I know what defrocking is but am not sure how it applies to Dr. Sproul. He is Biblically sound, as far as I see, and has a heart focused on serving Christ. We all fail in some area, as Sproul is quick to admit! If you would like me to comment further, please explain what your real question is. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry that I didn't explain. I thought it was common knowledge that R.C. Sproul Jr. has been defrocked. That happened I think sometime back in January.

Jaclyn said...

I was reading some of the information on that website and found it quite interesting. I did not know that there were rumors going around that Dr. Sproul had been defrocked. Since I do not personally know Dr. Sproul, nor have I read that website before, I cannot trust the accuracy of the information written there.

At the conference, during one of the lectures I listened to by Dr. Sproul, he was talking about "Living as Free Men." In Christ we are free... but we died to receive that freedom. We are dead to self and alive in Christ. And how do dead men act? Well, nothing bothers them. If someone beats up a dead man, does the man care? Hardly. Since we are dead to ourselves spiritually and alive in Christ we are able to see life, people and circumstances through HIS eyes.

After saying that, Dr. Sproul said that there were vicious, hurtful, hideous lies being circulated about him online and in some magazines. He said that his flesh would love to get upset- but since he is dead to self and alive in Christ he will see the hurtful things as a stick poking a dead man.

I respect him very much for saying such a thing and it has greatly challeneged me the last few weeks as I have encountered diffucult people. We all make mistakes. We all have sinned and fall short of God's glory. Men like Dr. Sproul, who have taught Scripture unashamed will always have critics.

Now, the issue that the website you linked propsed for the reason of Sproul's deforcking was paedocommunion. Paedocommunion is the practice or allowance of children (of all ages) to participate in communion. The articles described that Sproul was allowing children to take communiion. Futhermore, it seems that this was agaist "policy" in the Presb. church.

I am not going to get into paedocommunion itself, but will only say, "So what?" If it is true that Sproul was "released" from the Presb. church as a minister on the basis of such an issue... then I think the pity needs to be on the Presb. church and not Sproul.

Many times as Christians we fight and devour one another over such small concerns. We argue, criticize and judge each other very quickly. We forget the war that wages around us. We forget that, as Ephesians says, our war is not against flesh and blood but against the enemy. And the enemy will do what ever he can to pit us against each other. He may not be able to get us to deny that Jesus is God. He may not be able to get us to stpo going to church. But he can get us to argue and to make ourselves look like fools in the eyes of unbelievers. He gets us to take our eyes off of missions and evangelism while attacking our pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ.

All of that to say, I respect and admire Dr. Sproul, paedocommunion or not. His is an honorable man who preaches God's Word with power, conviction and clarity. I personally, having not been involved in his church or the dealings (if they are true) that took place, so will not stand and condemn him. God is his Judge, just as God is my Judge.

God has called me to know Christ and be found in Him, not having a righteousness that comes from myself, but having righteousness through faith in Christ. If somehow Dr. Sproul was in the wrong Biblically, I am sure that he repented to God. If he was in the wrong against an organization or a MAN made policy and that organization was in the wrong, then God knows that.

Anyway... I don't have much more to say than that. I hope you understand and that it makes sense! I am sorry that you were not able to go to the conference, but am pleased to hear that you honored your husband's wishes. God will bless you for that!


Stephanie said...

Thanks Jaclyn for your comments. I was intrigued especially by your observations on R.C. Sproul Jr's practice of paedocommunion. I don't have an opinion on that one way or the other, but I did read in the RPCGA's judgment that is was a factor in his being defrocked. But to me it sounded a little different from the way you described it. So I did do a little more digging and found this interesting article about it: RC Sproul Jr and the Paedocommunion Controversy. It really helped clear up the confusion for me.

Thanks for your great blog.