Monday, December 19, 2005

Arctic Chill Part 2

It is cold and has been for two weeks now. We had one or two warm days last week. "Warm" meaning 45 degrees. My mom and I went for a walk that day while it was sunny! The last few nights the low has been 6 or 7 degrees. Cold, cold, cold...

And I still love it!

Now, for some of you that commented on the first post titled "Arctic Chill", I thought of you on Friday night as we braved the frigid weather... and went to the zoo. The Denver Zoo does "Christmas Zoo Lights" where they decorate the zoo with AMAZING lights. Almost every tree is laced with colorful lights and throughout the zoo there are huge animal lights. There is the 20 foot heard of elephant lights, complete with an elephant that is standing in a puddle and throws the water on his back. There is the roaring lion, giraffes, peacocks, birds, bear with fish, and MORE! Lights everywhere! We have lived in Colorado for 13 years and have never been to see the popular Zoo Lights! It was soooo much fun!

But it was cold. Thank goodness it was not snowing which means it was not a wet kind of cold. Victoria and I bundled up in layers, gloves and our heaviest coats to protect ourselves from the single digit temperature. It was still cold. My right foot is always the first to freeze and it did. We walked through the indoor tropical exhibit which allowed my right foot to return to normal. As soon as it did we were done and back outside.

Despite the cold, it remains a popular thing to enjoy! Yet, you can always tell who the tourists are... You see, true Coloradans tease about tourism all the time. The longer you live in Colorado the more it all makes sense. Many tourists from warmer parts of the country come for Rocky Mountain skiing and are funny to watch. People like Galant, Trin and Dawn who think cold is below 60 degrees. For a laugh...

WE know YOU are a skiing tourist in Colorado if...

... your skis and ski clothes (pants, coat, gloves, etc.) match.

... you go inside (when it is below 45 degrees) to eat at the lodge, by the fire AND take your ski boots off so your toes can thaw. We all look at your socks and know why your toes were froze!

... you wear ski goggles. (and they too match your lepard print skiing outfit!)

... you don't own an SUV.

... you think 45 degrees is cold.

... you ask if the mountains always have snow on them.

... you make a big deal of the sun shining while it is snowing (something that happens in Colorado all the time.)

Let it snow, Let it SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!

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