Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Busy and Satisfied

What a weekend! What a week to come! What a life!

The Weekend
The weekend was incredibly fun and very relaxing! On Thursday when I got home from work, we took off to The YMCA of the Rockies in Winter Park. We stayed two nights there, playing, relaxing and bonding as a family. We did extreme sledding, swam, roller skated, played basketball and got a sunburn. Dawn thinks it is funny that you can get a sunburn by sledding. Well, girl, come to Colorado in March sometime... :::Mischievous laugh and a wink::: We arrived home Saturday night exhausted and refreshed!

The Week to Come
Already this week I have accomplished so much! I have not been busy outside the house, but have been able to get so many imprtant things done. Called about life insurance. Called about health insurance. Called a friend in need. Did a test on the Judges stage. Studied for the final exam on the Judges and United Kingdom stage. Did my Bible study with Katie.

Things yet to do: TAXES. (Ahhhhh!) Puppy visits. Church tonight. Working extra tomorrow. Calling Melissa. Working extra on Friday. Calling Rachel. Calling Emma. Feeding Katie's cat Madison while Katie is gone. CPR class all day on Saturday. Mailing CD to Jake. Church on Sunday. Worship service Sunday night. Volleyball after the service. Checking on Madision again.

Wow, I have a lot to do... and eat and sleep somewhere in there too!

On top of all that I have done this week, I have been refreshed in another sense. The things that I have done, when you look at eternity, are nothing. It is truly all meaningless. There is one thing that is not completely worthless... that is knowing Jesus Christ.

I'll save my spiritual learnings for another post!

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