Thursday, April 14, 2005

Grace and Peace

Yesterday I was listening to one of my school lectures. I am on the writings during the United Kingdom Era. These books include Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. While studying the Devotional Psalms, my professor made an amazing point. He said that every time you see grace and peace mentioned in the Bible, grace is always first. In every Psalm, in every blessing and every time Paul opened a letter.

Why? Well, anyone that has God's grace will have peace. It is impossible to have true peace without God's grace. God's grace says no to the punishment we deserve and yes to eternal life. There is no avenue to peace, which can be defined as complete satisfaction in God, if you do not have grace. If a person reject's God's gift of grace displayed in Jesus on the cross, they are still under the wrath of God. No peace can exist when you have no shield between you and the God of the Universe! Yet, when one says, "Jesus is Lord!" and believes in Him alone, God's grace then protects them from the wrath they deserve. Peace in the soul will flow naturally.

I deserve death. I deserve punishment. BUT- God's love for me provided a way to life through the sacrife of His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe in Jesus! Therefore, I am now swimming in God's grace. Ahhh.... where else can there be such peace??? I have peace that my sins are forgiven, I can know GOD and heaven is my home! What grace! What peace!

May you fully know God's grace... and peace!

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