Friday, April 08, 2005

Me: Single Old-Fashion Geek

You are single. You have your own car. You have your own checkbook. This is the time in your life when you need to be independant, free and experiencing new things before you get "tied down" with a home, husband and children. Do you know what I do when people say that to me? Smile and disagree. Then, depending on who it is, I may politely tell them what I think. Otherwise, God says to just live faithfully the way He has taught me.

So, call me a geek. Call me old-fashion. Call me stuck in the 1700's. I take it as a compliment.

What does this single old-fashioned geek do in her spare time? Read books on: Homeschooling. Heritage. Experiments. Courtship. Theology. Childbearing. Childrearing. Science. History. Philosophy. Homemaking.

Homeschooling and childrearing are the ones I am tackling right now. I have ordered some books from the library as well as dug some well-used ones off the shelf. They include Karen Andreola, Charlotte Mason, H.C. Trumbull, Douglas Wilson and Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.

Why Homeschool?

Why do I want to teach my children at home? Why do I feel so passionately in this area? There are many reasons. I want smart children. I want to raise well educated boys and girls. But the most important reason is above and beyond just having a "good" education.

I want to raise God-glorifying, Christ-exalting and Bible-knowing adults. Is 2 + 2 important? Of course! Is learning reading comprehension of great value! Definately! ANY school, private or public can teach that. What they will not teach is a God-centered world. Why do the plants grow? God! Why does 2 + 2 = 4? God! How do we see God in history?

Many parents have good intentions when they say, "Oh, we can still teach them spiritual issues at home and send them away to school." I agree on a very short term. They can. Will they? Even if they do, it will take more time to unteach what the child learns 6 or 8 hours away from home than if they had them home all day. Then who is the teacher? A child can easily become confused. "Mommy, you send me away to a school to learn. Daddy, now why are you telling me what they teach me is wrong? Mommy, daddy, who is in charge? Who really cares about my education? Who can I trust to teach me what is right?" My dad always says, "The minute I let my child, 5, 10 or 15 years old, out from under my authority, I am either endorsing every word that person says or undermining my own authority." This may seem extreme to people. To me it makes perfect sense for the rebellion of children and the "good Christian kids" that graduate high school as atheists.

People say, but you want your children to be salt and light, don't you? Of course I do! My question is, if their child is being "salt and light", where is the revival? Why are the churches not being flooded with children who have heard Jesus at school? Yet, research is showing that most missionaries, pastors and authors are coming from a home educated background.

So, for me, this is spiritual. Will I turn my little, formable, innocent child over to a teacher and other students who will do, say, and show my precious ones something I do not want them to know? Will I give my authority to a teacher, Christian school or public, who will not uphold my beliefs? Never. What will I do then? I will teach them at home. I will do role-play and "what if" situations that are age appropriate to prepare them for the day when they face them for real. I will teach them the truth until it is so ingrained in them that they are solid and able to communicate the truth well.

Home education takes A TON of work. It takes intentionality. It takes deep commitment. It takes a passionate love for God. It means being self-less. It means not wasting my life now on things that perish.

Thank you mom and dad.

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