Monday, April 18, 2005

Babies and Dr. Pepper

We cleaned the basement all day on Saturday. Remember my post about homeschoooling and mom making everything school?

She calls this type of cleaning....... science. Classification by grouping, of course. Put all the balls here, all the tools in there, etc. Most children clean their play areas for the end result of having a clean room. Not at our house. We clean for the end result of science.

So, I was in the crawl space putting away some winter clothes. I heard someone on the stairs, not sure if they were going up or coming down. I kept on putting the boxes away. It was really quiet in the basement, so I figured everyone had gone upstairs.

A few moments later I crawled out to find Samuel was still in the basement. He had his back towards me and turned around when he heard me. In his hand he held my mom's glass of Dr. Pepper. He had successfully downed most of the contents, soaked himself and the floor.

He smiled sweetly, putting the glass back to his mouth as I came to take it away. When I said no, he pulled the glass down.... and licked his lips.

It is one of those times you need to be firm... but cannot help laughing!

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