Monday, January 09, 2006

Some of the Masaai tribal people we visited in the outskirts of Moshi

We drove about 30 minutes outside of Moshi before turing off the main road onto a foot path. I am sure we were a sight to see... a 30 passenger bus, full of white people, driving down a Masaai foot path! We stayed on this foot path for over an hour, through dust storms, brush, around termite mounds and finally arriving at a small village. We were in the middle of African desert land, with no city lights, no electricity, no running water or grocery store for many miles. Yet here we found believers in Jesus Christ! Here we saw their place of worship and shared a soda, of all things, with these tribal people. (Some little boy had to walk a LONG way to get those for us!) We stepped into their stick huts and ate their boiled goat. Some of the children were scared of us... for they had never seen a white face. It was unreal. I looked around and thought, "I cannot believe I am here. God's kingdom is enormous!" Posted by Picasa

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