Monday, June 06, 2005

My little brother graduated...

I cannot believe it. Ben has graduated from high school. He survived homeschooling, college classes and Algebra. Here are some fast facts on his accomplishments:

*He graduated top of his class
*He was the president of his class
*Honor Student
*Prom King (Well, if there had been a prom. Then again, there would be no girl to be Queen...)

(Ahh, the benefits of being homeschooled... there is never a doubt who is the most popular of your graduating class!)

Seriously, though:
*He graduated with 44 college credit hours

I am a VERY very proud sister. He is an amazing man of God. He loves to serve. He plays the guitar beautifully. He has a great sense of humor. He loves chick flicks. And I love being with him.

Congratulations Ben, I love you!

(And a lot of other people love him too... thus the reason we had 95 people at our house on Saturday. We were going to have a beautiful ceremony outside in the backyard... and then it rained. I'll leave the rest to your imagination... I get to clean the carpets today...)

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