Monday, June 13, 2005

Big Sister Mommy

Friday dawned bright and beautiful. Mom, Dad and Ben left early for the Colorado Homeschool Conference. I was left with Timothy, Victoria and Samuel. What a day it was!!! I survived and we did it all over again on Saturday.

Lessons learned:

* Children listen to you more if you give them two popsicles.
* Anne of Green Gables (4 hours long) is a great tool for occupying time.
* Boys are sad when it rains at park time but are satisfied with Wendy's as an alternative.
* Trying to make children laugh by doing something silly makes a big mess.
* Windows rolled down on the car while hail and rain pass through will result in wet seats.
* Small children think moth balls look like candy.
* When the brake is on the stroller it is harder to push.

These were not new lessons, but simple reminders. Every time I watch my siblings for an extended time I stand in awe of my mother. I always view days like those mommy and wife training. She reminded me of that when she got home... I just felt like sleeping.

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