Monday, June 13, 2005

Home Education Part 2- Differences: Parents and Children

How do you meet the educational needs of every child? You cannot expect each child to do well homeschooling. I do not have time to homeschool. Some children need to be put in a public (government or private) school. I am not organized enough to home school. I would kill my child if I tried home schooling. How do you be parent and teacher at the same time?

I always find these questions and comments strange. They are not hard to answer because the answer is not suitable, but because the listener usually objects the response I would give. Here is where the rubber of model home education meets the road of personal application.

Most mothers have a million other things they could do with their time and energy besides homeschool their children. She could make sure the house was spotless. She could go make money. She could go shopping. She could curl up with a book. She could have the latest hobby. She could have outings with friends. All of which are not eternal.

Children last forever. So when I hear comments like, “I do not have time to homeschool.” Or “My children and I have too many differences we would not get along.” I can only think of one word: selfishness.

There are differences between parents and children. Since the beginning of time there have been differences, so I really do not see that as a valid excuse for not home schooling.

If a person thinks they would get so upset with their children that they cannot homeschool, I would all the more encourage them TO homeschool. Furthermore, this is NOT the child’s fault. If a child is disrespectful, undisciplined or rude, mom and dad are to blame. Besides, love must flow from the home, not an attitude of “my children drive me crazy”. When a mother has that attitude, I wonder if she was ready to become a mother in the first place.

I believe homeschooling is the best way to build the relationship between mother and children. When mom is committed to nurturing and loving her children, while giving them their education, beautiful things will flourish. Countless hours are spent together- laughing, crying, working, teasing, experimenting, reading, writing, drawing, sewing, cooking, building, etc.

Blessed is the child that can speak wonderfully about mom and dad. Blessed are the parents who find their children a joy. Blessed are the children who love one another. Blessed is the family who face differences between them and use the unique personalities as a strength.

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