Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pure and Simple

Have you ever watched a delicate flower during a violent storm? As the rain and hail pound the tender leaves, it moves gracefully with the wind. No matter how hard the rain falls, when the sun shines again, the flower does everything it can to raise its head to the sun.

I want to be like the flower in this picture. There were more stunning flowers around it. It was small. It was strong. When I took the picture, I thought, I want to present this flower as looking large, yet small, all alone, but with the sun shining all over.

The storms in my life have fallen, hard and long, the last few years. Still, I have come out stronger and more like Christ because of them. Each joy, each heartache, I would not trade for anything if they have made me more like Jesus.

I have learned that purity is more than behavior or appearance. Purity invades the core of a person's life until they are conformed to the likeness of Christ. Purity is not ignorance, but knowing evil exists and resisting. Simplicity is similar, for it understands that life is only good when centered around God, the King of the Universe.
Pure and simple, like the flower, is what I want to be.

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Galant said...

Reminda me of a post of mine - Of Fields and Flowers.