Sunday, September 10, 2006

Family Wedding

We had our first family wedding on August 19th. My cousin, Mat, married his long time friend, Katie. They asked my dad, as the pastor in the family, to officiate the ceremony. My dad was so honored! He led them through four weeks of premarital counseling where he and my mom discussed the various aspects of marriage. Since neither Mat nor Katie are believers, it was a special time for my parents to share Jesus' message of love.

The wedding went fantastic and we all had a wondeful time! These are two of my favorite pictures. Mat, the Groom and my cousin (picture taken by my dad); the cut cake and Katie's fingers (picture taken by yours truly).

I wish I had time to post pictures of us dancing, them doing the toast, the food and the rest of my family, but these two pictures on dial-up took 30 minutes to upload! More to come soon... I promise!!!

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Spanish Morning said...

Very nice! I love the little tiny dots on the cake...and the champagne flute is just adorable!