Saturday, September 16, 2006

Free the Dalits

Two things. First, please look at the Dalit Freedom Network website. I will be posting more about it soon. Second, I have begun a new blog and will tell you more about it next week. Be ready. I'm on fire.


Katie said...

Hi Jaclyn!

Trin said...

For lack of a better place to comment, I'd just like to say I really like your new quote/blog description thing on the left. Something striking about it, almost poetic :).

Also, it reminds me of a Psalm I read yesterday, Psalm 16, particularly the first 2 verses.

Jaclyn said...

Thank you Trin, but I must credit most of the idea, at least, to the faithful man of God- Oswald Chambers. His idea and definition of purity are where I got the ideas. Since you read My Utmost for His Highest you might gather what I am saying...

Purity has been reduced to modesty of dress and not going "too far" in relation to the opposite gender. This is not purity but self-control, although it is apart of purity and if you obsain, you are pure. Purity is God Himself, who knows the ins and outs of the most hideous sins and yet is without sin. That concept blows me away every time I think about it... which is why I have it as my description now, a constant reminder.

Thanks again... I am looking forward to unveiling my new blog, I think you will like it!