Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Introducing... "What was that???"

My dear friend, Katie, has started a blog. She began as just a co-worker, but quickly became one of the best friends I have ever and will ever have. I have watched her grow spiritually as we have spent hours together discussing life, love and Jesus. She is funny, classy, groggy in the mornings, an awesome snow-boarder and loves Jesus with all her heart. She is apart of my family, having supported us through many trials and joys the past four years.

Now, I am excited to share her with all of you. She is apprehensive about this blogging word, so please, for humor sake- go comment on her blog. :-P OH, and ask her why she titled it as she did. It's a good story!

I am pleased to introduce:

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Jaclyn said...

Thank you all for commenting on Katie's blog! I asked her yesterday, "Did you read your comments yet?" She replied, "I have comments?" After reading them she got giggly and exclaimed, "I have blogging friends!!!"

Now, if I can get her to post again, we will have a REAL accomplishment underway...