Monday, November 14, 2005

Picture Fest!

Anna, Ivanna, Julia, Elizabeth, Amy (my mom) and Brittney at the "Ladies of Grace" retreat this weekend. I took this picture into the mirror after we had drawn pictures on the mirror of ourselves. You cannot see them, but it was so much fun! It was interesting to see how each girl decorated themselves. It really reflected their personality!
I could NOT resist posting this picture of Julia. We did "modeling" with odd sorts of things, obviously! She called this style, "The Independent Housewife". THAT nicknamed spawned a lot of discussion!
Here we are, doing our "God: Who is He?" study on Friday night. I challenged the girls with their present view of God. We studied numerous verses about the power, otherness and creativity of God! We cannot be the girls and women we need to be if we do not know God as He wants to be known!
Our sleeping quarters!
Victoria took this picture of me to try out the digital camera. I made it black and white which adds such a different look! My shirt is BRIGHT pink!

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