Monday, November 28, 2005

Grandpa's Influence

There are two sports that my grandpa perfected in his grandchildren. The day we learned to walk he either had a croquet mallet or sharp darts in our hands. Croquet for weather over 32 degrees. Darts for weather below 32 degrees.

In the last few years, though, he has playfully teased us that he regrets teaching us croquet. The idea that students excell farther than the teacher has come true.

We beat him all the time. And he loves it.

We play in Summer. We play in the winter. We play in rain, snow, shorts, gloves, skirts and slacks. We play at noon and midnight.

Darts, on the other hand, we have not played as much the last few years. There are usually great-grandchildren and my siblings, those under ten, playing in the basement. It makes for a dangerous darting atmosphere.

Well, my skills and dilligent grandpa training all came back to me yesterday afternoon when I was invited to play darts. Since Ben and I stay the afternoon in Ft. Collins after church, so that he and his music team can practice in the afternoon, we have been invited into people's homes for lunch. Yesterday we went to Vince's house. Vince, his two roommates and one of his roomates parents were there for lunch.

We walked in the front door and it was a bachelor's heaven. In the living room, of a quite large home, sat a double basketball hoop game, foosball and a dart board. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, homemade by Vince. After chatting awhile around the table the boys headed to basketball and darts.

Ben and Vince went head to head with basketball. Roomates Jeff and Brent decided on darts. I was invited to join the dart game. I think I was invited out of courtesy. I warned them that my grandpa had taught me to play darts so they better watch out. They laughed. I accepted.

Since it had been a long time since I played darts, I used the first game to get warmed up. They were impressed with my skills. I got second place. Brent asked if we wanted to play a variation of darts called 'Cricket'. Cricket is based more on accuracy, skill and a good aim. You must get three of each number 15-20 AND three bull's-eye.

In the first 5 turns I was ahead by leaps and bounds. Jeff and Brent were embarassed but hiding it. They were also trying desperately to catch up. But it was to no avail...

I won. And them... they were barely halfway done.

Thanks, Grandpa!

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