Monday, November 07, 2005

Beautiful Savior


Words cannot express the feeling inside my heart at this moment.

The weekend went as expected. My dad resigned. We are cleaning out his office tonight.

YET... oh, I love that word. There is such hope in the word, "yet". Our God is the God of "yets". You sinned, yet Christ died for you!

So, the weekend was odd, hard and emotional... YET my Savior has guided my soul all along the way! This morning I awoke with such passion and focus that it startled me a bit.

I have been discouraged the last few weeks. My schedule has been busy and I have been tired physically, emotionally and spiritually. My quiet times with God have suffered. My attitude has gone slowly downhill.

A few nights ago I had had it. I threw my hands up and cried out to God for help. Ahhh... He does. He does. He gave me a direction and a longing for His Word. He spanked my backside with conviction. And He set my heart focused back on Himself.

I am looking forward to this day and week with excitement. Not because anything exciting is going to happen but because I have my Jesus. I have Him to walk with me. I have Him to carry my burdens. I have Him.

What else matters?

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