Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Glance into Jaclyn's World This Week

The last week life has drastically changed for my family. In order to keep a very long story short I will only say this: my dad will be submitting his resignation to our church body this Sunday.

God’s timing is not like ours, have you noticed? I have. God’s people do not always behave as Christ would, have you noticed that too? I have. Have you figured out that you do not always know the answers to life’s most difficult questions? Yeah, me too.

The request for my dad’s resignation was a shock, but not surprising- if that makes sense. The last few months the secret meetings, plotting and hostile relationships have evidenced where people’s intentions would lead.

The way pieces fell have hurt. Words that have been spoken have hurt. Attitudes toward our family have hurt.

Yet, nothing is bothering God. He is not surprised. He is not shocked. He is not hurt. He sees the grand plan. He knows. He knows. He knows.

You see, God has been teaching me something the last few months. I have a story. You have a story. Everyone has their own story. And God can use the same situation to rebuke one while strengthening another.

The situation my family has faced the last few days has caused us pain. It seems that it has caused others happiness. We scratch our heads and cry out to God, “God, why did You do it THIS way? God, are you teaching those that have hurt us a lesson too?”

And God replies, “My children, you have your own story. Do not ask what plans I have for THEM. Think of where YOU need to grow and become more like ME!”

That is the heavenly perspective that keeps our hearts focused on God. It is not easy. The next few weeks will not be easy. We have no idea what the next months hold. God does not promise that life will be peachy. He promises to be with us, guide us and make us more like Christ if we let Him.

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