Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Life

Birthdays- Timothy turned the big 10 yesterday! He has been so excited the last few months. Yesterday he said it seemed like just another day. It is amazing to watch him grow, mature and learn so much! He is a blessing to all of us with his love for God, smile and thoughtfulness. We will celebrate with a party on Saturday. Our birthday parties are always grand events for they only happen every couple of years on our "big" birthdays! Happy Birthday, Ducky!

Church- I will not go into much detail here. All I have to say is that every day it becomes more clear to me why there are thousands of pastors leaving the ministry. Pastors and their families who are tired, depressed, apathetic, joyless, weary, weak and worried. Where are the valiant men of character that left seminary ready to change the world for Jesus? I have one phrase for you: church politics. The death of all pastors, all visions, all energy and all that the Holy Spirit wants to do.

Do NOT get me wrong here... I love the Church. I know God Is. He is Sovereign. He is Control. He is Grace. He is Mercy. But the Church, His Bride, is so far from where we need to be. And the men that God has placed a call on their lives to lead and refine the church are "dying" because the church is wallowing in mediocrity.

Maybe I will post on this sometime. I desperately want to write a book. I want the "common" church member to know the life of the pastor. I also want to encourage the fellow pastors and their families to remain true to the King... no matter what the King's people do.

Bicycles- I have had an increasing interest in bicycles. I am not a runner. I am not a jogger. I lvoe riding the bicycle. Timothy, Victoria and I have been riding 3 miles on selected days. We are almost under 20 minutes. Pretty good for the terrain we are riding and the age of the youngest. My legs fair well. My backside on the seat has not. I keep telling myself that the pain will go away after more consistant riding. We'll see.

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