Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Path of Freedom

Psalm 85:10 "Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other."

The truth is this: I am a sinner. I am unclean and separated from God. God's justice and wrath scream "GUILTY!" against me. There is no way to avoid this truth. I cannot cover it up with good deeds. I cannot hide under a bush. I cannot wear a pretty smile. Truth says I deserve hell because I am not perfect. Only perfection enters God’s presence.

But wait... here comes mercy! Mercy tells me that because God loves me He has with-held the punishment I deserve. Moreover, His love demands that HE become the punishment for me. Mercy sees the truth of my condition. Mercy knows I am sentenced to death. Now here they are- mercy and truth holding hands! Jesus’ death on the cross provided a way for truth and mercy to unite!

Oh no, but then follows righteousness close behind. I am stuck again. I am not righteous. The truth about me agrees with righteousness that I am not worthy. I am not right with God.

Peace quickly follows righteousness and explains everything to me. Peace says that I must see the truth of my sinful condition. I must accept the mercy extended and purchased by God. I must understand that I am not righteous. Peace was made complete through the blood of the perfect Lamb. Believe these things and Peace becomes the final shield before righteousness.

Can you imagine it like a court room? Everyone is watching you. Will you accept the offer of mercy extended to you by the Judge Himself? Will the party against you and the one for you shake hands? They are waiting for your reply.

I accept!

What sighs, what cheers arise from the crowd!

Mercy steps forward. Peace is walking beside. Mercy extends a hand to Truth.

They shake!!!

Peace is so overwhelmed by the fact that mercy and truth have met. Righteousness and Peace kiss.

I am free!

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