Monday, May 23, 2005

The Future of Homeschooling

Just this morning I was thinking to continue my posts on homeschooling. The Queen has posed very interesting and thought provoking questions regarding homeschooling that I decided to answer on my blog.

The Queen asks:
I know there's several of you who were homeschooled yourself and who plan to homeschool your own kids. So I have several questions.

First, why?

I will homeschool my children because I feel it is the best mode of spiritual and acedemic education that I can give my children. I believe Scripture teaches that the responsibility of education falls to the parents. Second, I want to spend hours upon hours with my little ones, watching and forming them as they grow! I cannot imagine sending them away 8 hours a day! Third, some of my fondest childhood memories were made during the time that other children were sitting bored in a classroom! I want my children to be able to say the same thing. Lastly, I want to leave a rich heritage behind me. I want to raise children that are so in love with Jesus and will change the world because of it! I truly believe that is much harder to do when children go away to school.

Is it more experience based or conviction based?

Both. I had a great experience as a homeschooled child, yet this is not the main reason I will homeschool my children. There are many things I did not like when I was being homeschooled! Now that I am older I understand how blessed I am to have parents that invested their lives in my spiritual and academic future! Overall, though, it is conviction based. I believe wife and mother should be at home. I believe that God designed mother to teach her children things of God and things of education. I believe the husband and father is the head of the home and the overseer of his children's education. I believe a husband should be able to trust his wife with their children while he is away... with both acedemic and spiritual teachings!!!

Is it for the same reasons your parents homeschooled or totally different reasons?

My reasons for wanting to homeschool have developed out of why my parents began homeschooling me. They labored in sweat and tears to begin the foundation. Truly, they have done the hardest work! They were the ones who had to face the opposition of family and close friends. They have raised me out of the pains of beginning the work! I want to finish the foundation and build the next level. My path to homeschooling my children is much easier.
Second, Do you find yourself unusual among your homeschooled friends?
I think we are all unusual!, we all have a similar family life, convictions and hobbies. We all love to sit around and laugh at how people view homeschooled children.

Do they plan to homeschool? And if they don't, what do you think the difference is?

I love asking this question to homeschooled children of all ages. All of my homeschooled friends plan on homeschooling their children. We are all first generation homeschooled children, so it will be fun to see how we do!!! I believe there have only been 2 people who answered that they will not homeschool their children.

And how do you feel about your grandkids being homeschooled?
I WANT my grandchildren to be homeschooled. I pray that I will raise children that fear the LORD and want to please Him in all they do. Since I do not have children yet... well, since I do not have a husband yet, I guess I have not thought much about my grandchildren being homeschooled. All I know is that I want my children to want to homeschool.

So there are my snapshot answers. I think I will ask my siblings and homeschooled friends now! I am also writing my post "Home Education Part 2- Differences: Parents and Children". Should be interesting!

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