Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Monkey Business

I am currently working on several blog postings:

1- Home Education Part 2- Differences: Parents and Children
2- The Battle for God: Confronting Neotheism
3- The Garden of Courtship

But, since those are still in progress, I thought I would provide a link to a fantastic essay by Greg Koukl. In it he discusses the impossibility of evolution creating ethics. If there is no ruling Creator or purpose to life, why be good? Still, for some reason, even those who believe in evolution think we should be "good". What basis do they have? None, really. They contradict themselves in most every arguement. I also enjoyed an essay by Michael Bauman that I linked for you as well! Enjoy!

Greg Koukl: Monkey Morality
Michael Bauman: No God, No Good

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