Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Motherhood and Me

I absolutely love, love, LOVE being a mother.

It is hard work, no doubt, and sometimes harder than I ever thought it would be.  When I am tired, have not showered for two days, had a grumpy toddler all day and have no idea what to fix for dinner I really need a reminder that I love being a mother.

There are seemingly perfect days when we are all happy and all goes well.  Those days I also need a reminder that I love being a mother.

Motherhood has pushed me even further into the character of God and my need for Him.

Motherhood has taught me to pray continually.

Motherhood has shown me how to trust in the Lord.

Motherhood is a great adventure and so much fun!

Motherhood has also made me ask more questions than ever before!
  • Should I have an epidural or go all natural?
  • Should I have a midwife or a doctor?
  • Should I do a home birth or go to the hospital?
  • Co-sleep or not?
  • Scheduling or not?
  • When do I start solids?
  • What about movies, music and birthday parties?
  • What about spanking and time out?
  • Etc., Etc., ETC!  (AHHHHH!)
What should I do?

Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

What would God want me to do?  What is in line with His Word?  What is best for who God has made this child to be?  What is going to draw me closer to God?

So much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders when I sit back, pray and trust in God.

Some stories coming soon!

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Katie B said...

Looking forward to your stories! :) You are an encouragement to me in motherhood.