Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Little Things

I love finding toys in the strangest places.

I love watching Jeremiah chew his food.  He makes even broccoli look good to me.

I love hearing Jeremiah laugh as he plays with Daddy.

I love watching Joshua coo and smile.

I love trying to imagine what my children are thinking.

I love a messy house when I know I have spent quality time with my boys.

I love wearing my pajama's all day and rushing to get dressed before Joel gets home.

I love my life at this stage.


Hannah Morrison said...

So true! Thanks for another reminder to not despise the days of small things. And hurray for pjs and gracious husbands. ;-)

Katie B said...

Loving the perspective! You have inspired me to make my own list :)

Dawn said...

Hee hee! So glad I'm not the only one that loves pj's all day and rushing to get ready for hubby!