Monday, February 04, 2008

For Smiles


Augustinian Successor said...

duh ... where do YOU fit into picture, then Jaclyn?

Augustinian Successor said...

You must be busy with work, huh, Jaclyn? Yeah me too ... on top of that I have my studies ... doing my Master's in Public Policy. I'm hoping to earn a Master's degree, so that I could go on to work towards getting a PhD ... for the sake of an academic career. But thank Our Good Lord that I still have plenty of time to read good books, I mean theological books. I read other books because I have to. But I sure treasure the writings of theologians.

Do you have snow where you are? If yes, is still snowing? Chinese New year is just around the corner, literally. Chinese New Year is the New Year in the Chinese calendar and is a very important event for the Chinese.

Take care, Jacklyn. Keep up the good work, and I continue to appreciate your thoughts. I pray that Our Heavenly father would continue to mould and shape us into godly men and women ... all of us.