Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sight Unseen

"And the doors of the King are thrown wide....'

Father, forgive me for I have not believed!

I forgot your grace..."

-Caedmon's Call

Oh, oh, oh how sweet it is to be reminded of the grace God has lavished on us. How can we keep it to ourselves? How can we say that we love God and yet NEVER ever share it? We blame insecurity, we blame busyness, we blame incompetence and we deprive ourselves of the truest joy we could ever have- leading someone to Jesus.

Why don't we? Is Jesus life to us or not? Do we understand the reality of hell? Have we forgotten that there are millions hanging in the balance between life and eternal seperation from God?

And we drive our new cars. And we wear expensive clothes. And we live in plush houses. And we build elaborate churches.

And the church in India suffers as their pastors are murdered. And the believers in China are tortured for owning a Bible. And Laos Christians are burned at the stake.

Father, forgive ME...


Ron said...

Hi Jaclyn,

Haven't seen you or talked to you in a while, but I enjoy reading your posts.

About today's comment, I just don't know if some folks really allow God to be real in their lives anymore. We base so many things on what we know, which is mostly of the world even though we are to no longer conform to it (Romans 12:2).

How many of us have really stepped out in faith to allow God to reveal Himself to us? Do we love Him or do we love His blessings? We're missing true community with one another, which is huge when you consider how much we can encourage each other in our relationship with God, and to share the awesomeness of Who He is.

Maybe I sound a little rhetorical, but just my two cents. Thanks for sharing your'd be surprised at how much of an impact you make with them.

In HIS Grip,

Augustinian Successor said...

yes, yes, thank you Jaclyn. But, i'm really surprised to learn that Laos Christian are burnt at the stake ... i mean even *today*, in this day and age???