Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stepping Off the Edge

In my post on Monday I voiced:

I stand on the edge of a vast canyon. It is beautiful to gaze at, hold as a picturesque postcard and say I visited. Yet, the Lion invites me to step off the top and journey to the bottom, where ever that leads. I am scared. Comfort will be gone. Sacrifice will be manditory. He calls. I must follow.

Then, in my correspondence with the staff recruiter, I was given the link the organization's new website. Last summer Caleb Project and ACMC merged into one missional organization. They discussed a new name for months. Finally, it was decided.

Take it global.

So I clicked the link. I was astounded what I read. It was confirmation, exciting and fits my desires perfectly. And at one point it said exactly what I had expressed I needed to do: step off.

"Tell the priests who carry the ark of the covenant,
"When you reach the edge
of the Jordan's waters, go stand in the river...

And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the LORD
- the Lord of all the earth-
set foot in the Jordan,
its waters flowing downstream
will be cut off and stand up in a heap."
Joshua 3:8, 13

We're standing on the edge.

God, the Divine Initiator, is moving us
through His command to reach every person,
every tribe,
and every nation
with the message of His love and grace-filled power.

Watch God work. Step off. Believe.

And we're not alone.

God has chosen to bring His plan to completion
through the Church-
your church.

Standing together gives us the
courage to move forward.
Movement starts with a simple step.

Who knows what direction we might go?

Or how far?

It might be in your own neighborhood
or a distant country.

It will take commitment and sacrifice
that may seem beyond our limits, but
we'll help each other along the way.

Our mission is about:
... a corridor of unreached people.
... a journey of spiritual awakening.
... the activation of the complacent.
... the transformation of souls.

Step off. Step out.

Embrace God's mission.
Look around you in every direction.

Take the initiative.
Take it next door.
Take it to the other side of the world.

When I read it for the first time I truly want to dance, shout for joy and cry! It sounds like my heart. It looks like my dreams. It is a challenge to the Church that I embrace.

Please go to to browse the current websites for Caleb Project International and ACMC. Also, I will be working for OMF International, started by none other than Hudson Taylor- one of my spiritual and missional heroes.

So, my official title for the position is Mission Plex Executive Assistant. Basically that means: I do what anyone wants me to do, hahaha. The Mission Plex is a building that houses OMF USA National headquarters and Initiative360 National headquarters (formerly Caleb Project and ACMC). There are 80 people total who work in the building and have to pass through the lobby welcome center. So for 8 hours of my work week I will be co-welcome receptionist to cover lunch for the main secretary, Ashley.

Second, I will be the assistant for OMF's Finance Director, helping her with accounting, filing, currency exchange documentation and donation processing. Third, and the only part of my job where I am officially working for Initiative360, I will be assistant to the Chief People Dude (his actual title). He is responsible for program development and implementation. He oversees all of the ministry avenues like Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Encountering Islam, Vision Trips, etc. I will assist the people in those departments in what they need from the Chief People Dude. I will also be head of a new program, network organizer and springboard for new mission mobilization ideas.

I cannot believe this is happening. Definately a dream come true.

I am excited to see what God will do with me, in me, through me and for others as I take this step off. I pray that YOU will somehow be impacted by this adventure of mine by joining me in taking Jesus to the nations. And do not write me off by thinking that you have to go across the pond to the nations. If you haven't noticed lately, the nations have come to us. You have no excuse. Besides, God commands it. Take initiative. Pray for me that I will too!


Ann Marie said...

I'm excited that you're excited! Funny how the Lord pieces all the pieces of the puzzle together, even down to the last details of of a call to step off the edge :) Edge-stepping is rather exhilarating!

Spanish Morning said...

HELLO??? Had you told me all this before I played Devil's Advocate, you would have voided all hesitant thoughts in me. This is SO you, Jaclyn!!! I am toe-tingling excited now that I know a little more about who you'll be working for and what you will be doing. I stepped off the edge once...even had a dream about it. Major things happen when you step off and trust God to help you fly rather than fall. I stepped off the edge when I opened up to having a relationship with Matt -- and obviously it was and is WORTH it!

So exciting! Man, this life is SUCH an adventure!

Jaclyn said...

I did not read the info from until AFTER you and I talked. I agree, though, when I read it, so many doubts flew from my mind... this is me!!! I remember yuo telling me about that dream, although I can see my first couple of steps. The bottom is a mystery for sure, but I hope that there is a waterfall in the canyon!

Life IS an adventure and I cannot wait to see where mine leads! And I am glad that you are apart of it. Your comment on Katie's blog was special to me. Each of my girlfriend's are so unique and I am blessed beyond measure to have all of them!!!!!!!! Love you!