Tuesday, October 17, 2006

High Speed Hair Cut

Are you ready for this? This picture (of my "new" haircut, which is really just a shorter version of what I had) took me less than 30 seconds to upload on our high speed connection!!! Woohoo! Now I can upload pictures from church, Chicago, every day and special events in my life. I am sooo excited!

A little info on this picture... it was taken in our backyard, while it was raining, Samuel is yelling at mom and I to not get wet and our dog is bringing toys to me as a hint it is time to play.

Check back later to see pictures of my siblings with the same background. Hope you all are having a great day!


Spanish Morning said...

1) Love the hair!
2) Wish I could have been there to see the unseen during the picture taking.
3) Yeah for OODLES of pictures to come!
4) Your previous post assures me that your decision was right.

Love ya!

Ann Marie said...

Oh my glory, there was so much to talk about on Monday I completely forgot to tell you that I LOVE your new hair cut (and the special sotry of the photo shoot. hahaha)! You are truly one of the most beautiful women on the planet both in face and heart. I'm so blessed beyond measure to have you as my friend. I'm so excited for all your new transitions.... I've been praying for you today especially. I pray too that your life will be further testimony to Romans 15:13!
I love you Miss Jaclyn!

Jaclyn said...

Dearest Dawn,
It comforts me that after reading my posts you were convinced I made the right decision. I have only second-guessed myself a few times. My dad has encoruaged me greatly by saying, "Do and don't look back." There has been a freedom mentally and emotionally for me after doing just that! Now, I am just getting excited!!!!

Joyous Ann Marie, you make me blush, but I thank you for your loving compliments! I am glad that I was able to share my final decision making moment with you and Katie. Thank you for listening to me as I talked about my life changes! I am excited to see how it will affect life for all of us and the doors that could open in the future. OMF has some openings. You should check them out... one is salaried even! I could give them a recommendation! Then we could carpool. :-P
I love you too and am honored that God blessed me with you as a friend!

Spanish Morning said...

Goodness! Everybody is growin' up! And look at Sammie! AH!!