Thursday, August 03, 2006


In December 2004, a neutron star flared up so brightly, it temporarily blinded all the x-ray satellites in space, and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. This tremendous blast of energy was from a giant flare created by the neutron star's twisting magnetic field. Objects like this are called magnetars, and they produce magnetic fields trillions of time more powerful than those here on Earth. These fields are so strong they can actually buckle the surface of the neutron star causing these powerful star quakes. (From Nasa's website)

Our entire physical structure was designed to be staggered by God's infinite character. God created our mind with the ability to TRY to comprehend Him, yet, we are too small to even begin understanding. It is good for our brain to suffer from mind boggling God-centered thoughts. We spend far too much time thinking about mindless tasks, problems and entertainments. Day by day we move about on this ball of dirt called Earth doing our ant like bustling and scurrying.

In order to keep perspective, visit these sites regularly or buy some space books that detail the stars, nebulas, solar systems and galaxies. Allow your mind to be stunned by the compexity of creation and the simplicity of its Creator. We are small, really, really, REALLY small.

And that's good.

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Rachel's Jeremy said...

Have you ever seen the video "The Privileged Planet"?

I have the feeling you would like it.


Rachel's Jeremy said...

Jaclyn said...

I have never seen the video, but looked around at the link you gave me. I will try to track it down and watch it!

The last few days I have allowed myself to be blown away by the incomprehensible reality of the massive universe that God created. And that He sent Jesus to die for me...