Monday, August 07, 2006

The Blazing Center

Say hello to the sun.
It is a simple star, really.
Basic. Small. Ordinary.
Tiny when compared to other stars.

And yes, that is Earth pictured next to it. Tiny star called the sun next to speck of dirt known as Earth.

My home. My world.

And the Rocky Mountains seem gigantic to me.

Incomprehensible Sun Facts:

Distance: 93 million miles from your home.
Size: About 33,000 times the size of the earth.
Equatorial Circumference: 2,715,0000 miles (the earth is 24,000 miles around)
Surface Temperature: Approx. 10,000 degrees F.
Discovery Date: Ancient Times :-P
Creator, Designer and Engineer: God Himself


Spanish Morning said...

I love your last lines...

My home. My world. And the Rocky Mountains seem gigantic to me.

And for me, the Grand Canyon seems enormous. And yet it would be a grain of sand on the Sun, if that.

Rachel's Jeremy said...

Here's a question for you that my uncle I got wondering about last Christmas... and sat down and calculated... "What portion of the Sun's energy contacts the Earth?"

Answer: 0.000,000,000,182,486 OR 0.00000018248628928380%
That's roughly one, two-billionths of it's energy.

Arrived at this way: (in miles)
diameter of the earth = 7,945.63
circumference of the earth = 24,961.92
distance to the sun = 93,000,000.00

That makes the area (Shadow) of the earth = 155,774,326.68 square miles

That makes the area of the sun's "light sphere" at the distance from the earth = 85,362,208,465,021,900.00 sqare miles (That's really, really huge!)

Divide the one from the other and you get your answer.

So, all of that to say that if it was 0.0000002% we'd cook... or 0.00000015% we'd be a block of ice.

God's pretty amazing isn't He?

Galant said...

And I've said it before and I'll say it again, so many of those 'Suns' are looking down on us all the time, yet we don't see them because lamps get in the way. :)

Oh, and you've been tagged. Check my blog.

God bless.

Jaclyn said...

Jeremy... that is pretty advanced and mind-bending! I had another "fact" I was going to share, but I could not verify the fact... so I thought I should not state it as a fact. But, it went something like... if all of the world's financial and energy resources were pulled together it would take about 1000 years of money and energy to run the sun for one second.

God IS amazing... yet amazing does not seem to do justice to Him. :-)

The book quiz will be impossible for me... thanks for the tag, I accept the challenge! :-P

Rachel's Jeremy said...

One second? I bet it couldn't even manage that...

Some day when I'm energetic I might try to figure out how many BTUs or Watts the sun puts out in a second... That might be interesting!

(I think I'll save the energy and just Google it...)