Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Dawn and her sister, Autumn, have done these "Thursday Thirteen" things. I thought I would give it a try. You may learn some new things about me!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME: Jaclyn Ann

1. I was named, essentially, by my grandpa.

2. I was named after Jaclyn Smith, actress (Charlie's Angels) and model.

3. "Jaclyn" means "harvester, protector and guide."

4. "Jaclyn" is French.

5. "Jaclyn" is the female form of "Jacob."

6. "Ann" is my middle name.

7. "Ann" means "gracious."

8. "Ann" is Hebrew, coming from "Hannah."

9. My last name is German.

10. My last name means "anger or justice."

11. People have spelled my name in every possible way: Jacklyn, Jacquline, Jaqueline, etc.

12. I love my name.

13. The nickname of "Jaclyn" is Jaci (some spell is Jackie or Jacky).

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!


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