Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eight Miles

Last night I went to Katie's house for a Jaclyn and Katie night. (Picture at right is from Thanksgiving at my grandparents.) We started our chicken boiling and headed over to the apartment complex gym. She ran on the treadmill. I did the bike. We exercised for 35 minutes, her running four miles and I biking eight. I even threw in a hill or two!

We have an exercise bike at home that is from the stone ages. It squeaks. It grinds. It clunks. Basically, it discourages you from wanting to bike. If I had a good bike, I could become addicted to it. I feel so refreshed, so energized and ready to go ride ten miles!

We walked back to her apartment, passing the hot tub that looked very inviting, and began fixing our dinner. We prepared my mom's famous Hawaiian Chicken: rice topped with chicken in a chicken gravy/ pineapple sauce and garnished with fresh pineapples, tomatoes, green peppers, green onions, cheese, coconut and almonds. It was delicious! I was going to take a picture of it, since it has quite the colorful presentation, but forgot.

While playing rummy we ate Dark Chocolate Pecan Cookies and talked. Katie won rummy by 150 points and was quite satisfied with herself. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening and I praise God for giving Katie to me. She is an amazing friend, co-worker and companion in the faith. Thanks, God!

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